Lead the Team: 7 Football Manager Games for Android

How many times have you thought that a certain football player would be much better in another team? Or how many times have you thought that the coach is making wrong decisions changing players during the game? Well, now you have a great opportunity to be in charge of all of these things, make the best decisions and see if it will bring you success after all. 

Football manager games for Android allow its users to try themselves as a coach and a sports team leader while sitting on a couch or commuting to work. All is left to do is to pick a game itself. Read our short review of the top 7 football manager games and start building an empire right away.

Top Eleven 2019 – Be a soccer manager

Top Eleven football manager game screenshot

Top Eleven is the football manager game for those who like to control everything. Numerous settings allow adjusting training strategy, acquiring new players, selecting the squad and just feel like the legendary Jose Mourinho.

Start building a team from the very beginning and bring it to the top of the football championship by constantly improving your manager skills. Meanwhile, don’t forget about your team’s identity by choosing among many emblems and jersey designs from various leagues around the world.

Moreover, Top Eleven is a social game that offers a possibility to compete against other managers, communicate with friends via a chat and team up for weekly clan tournaments.

11×11: Soccer Club Manager

11x11: Soccer Club Manager game screenshot

The developers from NEKKI presented all football fans with a great free manager game called 11×11: Soccer Club Manager. The game can boast modern graphics and very intense games with numerous strategic decisions that can be applied in the process. 

The idea is to take a football team and lead it to victory in the main championship. But before that, as manager, the player will have to deal with all kinds of day-to-day activities: looking for sponsors, developing sports infrastructure, bringing the top players to the team and ensuring that current squad is training most effectively. 


PES Club Manager game screenshot

If you are a fan of the Pro Evolution Soccer and want to continue playing on a smart device then get yourself PES Club Manager. The developers from KONAMI have designed a full-fledged football manager for Android with more than 5000 licensed players.

The game is not limited to a basic selection of the team players. And you will not only be in charge of leading a football team but also responsible for developing a stadium, taking care of young players and choosing the most effective gaming tactics. On top of that, you can test your manager skills against over 30 million of other players around the globe and, most importantly, enjoy PES Club Manager completely for free.

Football Chairman – Build a Soccer Empire

Football Chairman game screenshot

This game describes a journey of a football manager from a tiny unknown team to building a football empire. Football Chairman offers two options: paid and free. However, whichever version you choose, this addictive game will provide a complete football manager experience.

Football Chairman follows a similar pattern of tasks as any other football manager game. As the head of the club, you have to make sure to constantly improve your players’ skills, source young talents and watch them grow, negotiate transfers, hire staff, develop the stadium and, of course, beat the competition to bring your team to the top of the European championship.

Football Manager 2019 Mobile

Football Manager 2019 Mobile game screenshot

Football Manager 2019 Mobile is a somewhat simplified version of the very popular football manager game from SEGA. The mobile version was specifically adapted to play on a smart device, which in fact does not make it any worse than a computer game. 

You are now a football manager and need to decide on the team players. You can pick literally any player from the real-world from 56 leagues across 19 countries. Next, put your team against rivals, but remember that your actions and decisions over the course of the match make a huge influence on the final score. 

Soccer Manager 2019 – Top Football Management Game

Soccer Manager 2019 game screenshot

One more impressive and addictive football manager game on our list. Soccer Manager 2019 offers a realistic management experience where the player can choose from 800 clubs from 33 countries in the world. 

Moreover, in addition to real players, Soccer Manager 2019 allows experiencing the real-world economy of the football business. One one side, you will have to be careful when signing new players, while, on the other side, the transfer market can bring you a fortune. 

The matches also look very realistic, especially considering the fact that you get a unique 3D experience. The user is able to watch the game unfold, analyze players’ performance and make necessary tactical changes on the go in order to defeat the opponent. 

Online Soccer Manager

Online Soccer Manager game screenshot

Fun and free to play Online Soccer Manager is a mobile game for Android that offers its users an opportunity to build their favorite football team. As a team leader, you will be given the freedom to manage various aspects of the club’s performance.

What distinguishes Online Soccer Manager from numerous similar football managers is the fact that this is a one season game. This limitation was made on purpose in order to expose users to even more variety. At the end of every season, you can choose a new team hence challenge yourself to manage different teams over time.  


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