Trying New Things: Top 5 RPG Simulator Games for iPhone

Simulation is a very popular category of mobile games that can easily open a whole new world of different experiences. Some transfer users to a fantasy world, while other games offer an opportunity to try yourself as a sports manager, driver, entrepreneur or any other profession.

Probably the biggest advantage of mobile simulation games is the fact that the player in charge of the final outcome. Making different decisions along every step of the gameplay leads to various unexpected consequences.

Although there are hundreds of mobile simulator games on the App Store, we want to tell you about our personal top 5. Therefore, let’s go!

Knights of Pen & Paper 2

Knights of Pen & Paper 2´╗┐ game screenshot

This pixel-style mobile game is a humorous adventure simulator. In the center of a plot is a group of people who set down to play a tabletop role-playing game. A user has to control players as well as the game master who leads them from one adventure to another. 

Like any other RPG game, Knights of Pen & Paper 2 allows building a character, upgrading its skills and statistics. Overall, the game follows the standard role-playing rules. There are battles, levels, experience points and so on. But the main difference is that some events are randomly generated and in this case, the survival depends on the choices you make.

And although you will spend most of the time traveling across the large world map, watching sceneries change and monsters come and go, the table with players and a game master still remain the center point of the Knights of Pen & Paper 2. 

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter´╗┐ game screenshot

Fallout Shelter offers players to try themselves in the role of a post-apocalyptic manager. You need to create a better, brighter future for the remaining population, but this time underground. 

The goal is to build a vault, populating it with people and making sure they have access to the three main resources: water, energy and food. Although Fallout Shelter cannot boast a complex economic system, it is its simplicity that has made it one of the most popular free RPG games on the market. 

In the Fallout universe, the SPECIAL system plays a fundamental role. Everyone who lives in the vault has its own skills and talents. The right profession choice for every resident will determine their happiness level and overall success of the game.  Working residents reach new levels, for which the player is given a local currency that can be used to expand the vault.  

The Wolf: Online RPG Simulator

The Wolf: Online RPG Simulator game screenshot

This RPG simulator will show you what it’s like to try to survive in the wild. You will be transferred into the world of wolves and become one of them. And the decision of whether to stay with a pack or confront the wilderness on your own can dramatically influence the outcome of the game. 

The developers of The Wolf: Online RPG Simulator have presented its users with a stunning and extremely realistic game graphics. Moreover, the online real-time multiplayer will impress even the pickiest player. Get ready to immerse into an open world that is definitely not very welcoming. You will be hunted by other animals, while hunger and thirst will become your closest companions.

Inside the never empty universe, you can compete against other real players. At the same time, friends and family can join you in order to conquer the forest together. 

Bus Simulator 17

Bus Simulator game screenshot

This game is for those who as a child dreamed of being a bus driver. Bus Simulator 17 is a free mobile simulation game, where a player is able to take control of the bus fleet and develop a successful urban public transport business.

Bus Simulator 17 features a very realistic environment including different weather conditions like rain. At the same time, the complex and detailed interior of the bus will make you feel like a real driver.

The overall task is fairly simple. A player has to drive the bus around the town from one stop to another, pick up passengers, issue tickets and make sure that everyone feels comfortable.  At the same time, do not forget small things like watching ground clearance and signaling about the bus arrival. 

You can also plan new routes to cover more stops hence have more passengers, as well as hire new drivers and buy new buses in order to expand the business. 

Plague Inc.

Plague game screenshot

Plague Inc. is a highly-rated mobile game that simulates the infection of the entire planet. The goal is simple, yet the reality of it is a little terrifying. You will need to choose a virus or a bacteria, infect a Patient Zero and move on to spreading the destructive disease among all the human race.  

The simulation process looks fairly realistic. At the very beginning, a player is able to choose the difficulty. At the lowest level of complexity people do not wash hands, do not check the luggage and do not cancel flights when there is a possible threat. However, if you bring the game conditions closer to reality, it becomes much harder to kill civilization. 


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