6 Mobile Sports Games that Will Put Your Management Skills to Test

Sports manager is a perfect game for true fans, who want to fully immerse into the world of their favorite team. These games allow players to take a look behind the scenes of the coaching and sports business overall.

These type of games require players to demonstrate their analytical skills and strategic thinking. As a sports manager and a team leader, you will have to determine the best gaming tactics, training approach, player arrangement on the field, players’ contract conditions and much more. 

Nowadays, mobile app markets offer an abundance of sports manager games for every taste. While all of them organically combine economic and sports components, not every game is the same in terms of gameplay. That is why we’ve collected the top 6 best sports manager games that can easily carry you away for several days or even weeks. 

CBS Franchise Basketball 2019

Franchise Basketball sports manager game screenshot

Become a general manager of the best basketball team that has ever existed. CBS Franchise Basketball 2019 allows building a basketball team of your dreams filling it with the biggest names in the history of this sport. 

Show up every single day to play 21-game seasons, exhibitions and pro games. Defeat competitors and earn additional rewards that can be used to enhance players’ skills and expand your franchise. Collect different version editions of your favorite players and use your manager skills to build an ultimate all-stars team. 

CBS Franchise Basketball 2019 is available for both iPhone and Android devices. The game is free to download, but you might want to purchase extra perks to help you boost the game.  

TrophyRoom: The Football Game

TrophyRoom: The Football Game´╗┐ screenshot

When sports meet fantasy exciting things happen. TrophyRoom is a social football game that connects real-life events, players and games with user’s management skills. 

This game offers a unique opportunity to see what it’s like to manage a football team with your favorite players from the top leagues. Use your knowledge to choose the best lineup for each game. Then test your team against competitors whether they are random players or your friends. 

TrophyRoom can easily add more excitement to watching a football game on TV, since the way selected players perform in real-life actually determines the mobile game outcome. 

Furthermore, TrophyRoom game offers additional features like Tactic Cards which give you certain advantages and disadvantages, as well as Coins which can be used to upgrade your team. 

Motorsport Manager Mobile

Motorsport Manager Mobile game screenshot

This is probably one of the most comprehensive racing simulators on the marker. Motorsport Manager Mobile is a racing sports management mobile game available for iOS and Android owners. 

A player gets to lead a racing team in order to bring it all the way to the ultimate championship. Remember, all the important decisions are now on you: hiring drivers, creating the best pitstop strategy, developing cars and implementing new technology. 

Help your team show the best results by working with drivers, reacting to weather conditions, crashes and simply taking control of the action.

Tour de France 2018

Tour de France 2018 game screenshot

Moving on from racing cars to professional bikes. The official mobile game of the most well-known cycling competition in the world, Tour de France 2018 will turn you into a leader of the road bike racing team.

You can choose among different strategies while leading a team of cyclist to the winning position. Plan races strategically in order to reach the maximum potential of the members of the team.

With Tour de France 2018 you can recruit racers, train them, customize national team and take part in major world tour races. But most importantly, you can compete against other players anywhere in the world. Moreover, you can even gather friends and create a club to challenge other groups of players. 

Tennis Manager 2019

Tennis Manager 2019 game screenshot

Tennis Manager 2019 is a mobile sport manager simulator inspired by Patrick Mouratoglou who has been coaching a tennis star Serena Williams for over 7 years now. 

What is unique about this game is that as a manager you not only get to find promising players and help them climb to the top of the most prestigious tennis tournaments. You can also develop a whole tennis academy including building training facilities, hiring the best fitness trainers, coach assistants and sparring partners.

And, of course, there is no point in playing if there was no option to test your management skills in real-time games. Challenge other managers worldwide and prove that you are the best of the best.  

World Hockey Manager

World Hockey Manager game screenshot

This hockey management simulator can boast stunning graphics and numerous features to explore. World Hockey Manager puts your sports analytical skills to test and allows leading a team of professional hockey players.

In order to achieve international success, you will have to come up with the best gaming tactics, choose players, find sponsors and simply ensure that the team is happy. However, your manager responsibilities do not end there. Make sure to make your team stand out by developing a brand and expand the business by negotiating the best contracts.   


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